Monday, December 8, 2008

The PLOT Thickens!!!

Yessir, this is another Twilighter POST. Some broad had the audacity to to write an article about C. Hardwicked (typo but im keeping it!) getting shit canned cause she is a woman. WTF? Aaaanyfemenism, im posting here in case she moderates my respose:

"Eh, to say she got fired cause "she is" a woman is an overstatement. Harwicke did not earn Summit $140 mil., STEPHENIE MEYER did. The Saga's loyal fanbase is to thank for the success. And why not reward the fans with a better directed sequel in timely manner before the actors get older? (Vampires dont age). If any of you READ the series, you will see how badly this movie was adapted. Not to forget to mention letting Stewart rephrase as she pleased. Though she is truly to thank for the casting of Robert, she really shouldn't be calling the shots as far as re-writing the book/script. Her portrayal of Bella was also pitiful. Bella can't be vulnerable and talk/walk like a man. What a load of crap. The best thing to come out of the movie was seeing all the characters come to life. With that said, like the HP movies, Summit is in the right by moving forward with the project and giving another director a chance to bring the saga to life."

Yeah i know, i so so nice girl. Seriously, 9 times outta 10 the gender card gets played to shadow poor performance. Good luck to Hardwicke on her furture endeavors.

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