Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Hawtest G in Hollywood

...and if you say otherwise you are just a straight up lie telling hater! Johnny is the epitome of ageless man pretty. He will be the most desired and lusted pepaw evar. Take that Sean Connery (sp? too lazy to go check) and the bonds that followed! I can't imagine what his offspring and their offspring would have to go thru. It is one thing if your friend wants to fuck your dad, but your besty wanting to sexy it up with your grandpa is a whole nother level of pimperish.

I am normally a weakling for full lips pink lips on a guy, which J here does not posses BUT he holds the prestigious exception. Yeah i super generous and can compromise. From history we know Johnny likes them skinny and euro. *runs to corner and sobs hysterically muttering fatty to herself* What a bummer. Johnnyboy, i would give up chocolate and cupcakes for you. I promise! Yeah he is that HAWT...dont be a hater!

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