Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feeling MuUuSiCaAaL

Can you believe I got back from a 4-day camping trip on sunday, and today tuesday I am still recouping? You'd think after 4 days out of work, I would come back less stressed and ready to jump in all refreshed. The work has not been any less stressful than how i left it, even considering all the OT i did to avoid a pile on Monday morn, ugh.

In light of this, and my negligence with my regular posting, i will dedicate the month of July to my only living unconditional lurve...MUSIC! Cus i be musical donchaknoe. I'll try to post here and there, not totally hiatus mode, but like always, this place will be dominated by tunes...and maybe the occasional eye candy ^_^ Old and New in no particual order...JUST WATEVER FUCK MOOD IM IN GOT IT?!?!? Don't question and don't be a hater. Cus that makes you ugly and God don't like UGLY! Toodles, and enjoyyyyyyyyy!

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