Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: Hollywood Undead @Bonzai 8/1/2010

Srsly, if I came across the question "What stinks more than a porta potty full of urine and dropped deuces on a hot day?"...My honest most respectful answer would be (hands down) "Hollywood Undead". I believe it was the unpleasant sniff of Bonzai *pinches nose*. NOT KEWL!

These talentless sell-out tools have such a large fanbase in my hometown, I actually cringe and hide my face in a corner @ the thought. But then I realize, eh, I shouldn't be so ashamed since:
a. I wasn't born here.
b. My ears are never punished or submitted to the garbage that said promoting radio station gives these fuckwads any airplay.
c. I'm not subject to half the shiet the "fanbase" is on. Srly, where is all the bad shiet fabricated? Hotshots?
d. I am from NerdHerd, ergo, above such fuckery forevur and evurrr.
(above points are verrry valid)

Their entire performance consisted of swaggerjackery. It was srsly mindraping. I believe they walked off stage with some of my braincells, and that makes them THIS
much better. But since they suck so much, it's no improvement. HU was like Doc Dre, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., Linkin Park, Nelly & the St. Lunatics. Cheech & Chong, Nate Dog, Gym Class Heroes, Eminem, Fiddy, Diddy, Breaking Benjamin and Warren G had a crack meth baby incubated in a tranny hot mess rotten nut shell and it exploded in DT rochester

Oh yeah, Jabbawokeez called, they want their phantom masks back. Oh oh oh, hold that was Slipknot on the other line, they want you to GET YOUR OWN FUCKING MASKS u unoriginal fucktardz!!! Tragic day really. AND FOR HUMANITY, GLOBAL WARMING AND TEH ENDS OV TEH ERFS AS WE ALL KNOW IT...



  1. undead as a doornail. sick puppies >>>>> hollywood undead. hollywood undead nothing but untamed animals released from their cages!

  2. I concurrr...Hollywood Undead should die already and stay deaded!