Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Swear this Place is Haunted

...indeed.  I say this for the whole purpose and realizaton of the truth when under the influence.  There is a study (google it) of drunktards pwing left and right on trivia and problem solving while hitting the bottle 'obtrusley'.

Not trunk under the table, but literally under the covers, I find myself dwelling on the awful things I just told my significant other. Yes, it is a he and has a penis cus that is what I am into.  Strictly peen since...well, since I fell head over heels over the member.  Fuck I totally side tracked.  My spelling is Prolly horrid, fucking smartphone can't handle beautifully sculptured fingers like mine.  Don't mid my grammar, think autocorrect.  If I don't make sense, fuck you for not knowing me better.

Ummm, I think I totally forgot where I was headed.  Hmmm, let me like side track again an stuffs. Gah!!!  This life sucks!!! Okay so it comes down to not knowing my bf, and he not know me really in return.  No wonder we still together.  It's like first date every day, WHEN I see him that is.  But I guess it works out since I never wanna marry and have childruhnz...I think I'll take up surrogate motherhood and drop the dueces eventually on him...cus I sorta hate him for being...himself :D

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