Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is Just WRONG

WHAT IN THE JORDAN CATALANO HELL IS THIS BITCH DOING?!? This is truly the most disturbing virginal scarifice. Marilyn Manson may collect baby fetuses but he will never stoop down to this level. This is pure eViL...Jared Leto is rumoured to have the "IQ of a genius". I call on Brian Krakow to attest to such thing. Anyfake, trying to get the band to make it must have killed enough brain cells and brought him to the lowest of the low levels of desperation and class. How can he drag Brandon Flowers into blasphemy and feed him to the anti-christ? It will break my onyx heart to see my beloved Brandon on the dark side. It's the wrong side Brandon! You gotta pick the side with cookies, helllooo, everyone knows that. This calls for a rescue mission and a possibly excorscism to get all that Kanye cooties off him. Brandon, if this message reaches to you, wait until they engage in a tongue hockey session and slowly step away...far far far away. And when you are far enough, run like hell, spread your wings and fly to the fae world until the coast is clear.

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