Monday, May 4, 2009

Music = Life: Endless Hallway

Last Monday the besties and I went to the Gavin Rossdale concert, and it has only taken me a week to blog about it because i've been on cloud 9 ever since Monday the 27th of April 2009 @7pm! My first experience can only be described as love at first earFULL. The guys from Endless Hallway, the opening band for Gavin, were truly an amazing live show memory. And though lead singer Ryan Jackson may throw you off as a long lost son of Bjork or the long lost brother of the Kaulitz twins, there is no relation. To check out their tunes click the album art (Autonomy Games) below. I had to support the band and got their DL cd that night. I could have waited for the actual thing the next day (release date of their verry first album), but it rocked to listen to it on the way to work the morning after. The band HAS to make IT!!!

Of course to complete my night and first awesome concert of 2009, it would be a sin to leave out what an impression was left by the beautiful happily married man named Gavin Rossdale. How shocking to see he is the epitome of all natural adonism. Did i mention that he is also verry talented with the guitar? Let me just stop. The guy is truly a fascinating performer and i will never forget it. It was kinda hard to savor with all the screaming fans and the bad singing brought to you by the fans as well. But thru all that mess, i was truly moved. Gavin is glorious and to say anything less is blasphemy cause he is the hawttest celeb hubby/dad/singer/artist/song writer/happily married & unnattainable male there is!

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