Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Cause it's Friday

Who knew Jack Dawson would grow up to be such a handsome 'dish'. I am not sure if this shot is 'Billy Costigan' (The Departed), but that was my absoeffinfave Leo performance with the eye diabetes. I like older LDC. Kinda like McDreamy. Again, who knew these lanky guys with major face grease would be the cause of panty creamer epidemics?!? Our grown boy here is into GET THIS...partying and chillaxing in warm places with models...I know, SHOCKING! boo-hoo. He maaaay beeee the Johnny Depp of his generation. BUT HE IS NO JOHNNY! So i wouldn't extensdiet for him. I do have humility-c'mon on now...and then i bend it. Cause who I'm i kidding. Most skanks will still let him hit it sidewayz.

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