Monday, December 7, 2009

Better late thank never

Or should i just be honest and say i'm too opinionated to keep my trap shut? Hmph, i'll keep it light i prooooomise!

The Pros:
1. Edward: tho hoe's been looking like an old hag, still awesome character.
2. Soundtrack & Score: the best compilation to match a movie thus far. The score was also very well composed.
3. Jacob: Taylor made the blue balled hormone raging underage jealous typical immature BOY a lot less annoying and wholesome cute little button that made me want to poke my eyes out everytime he took off his shirt. Dewd is jailbait!
4. Alice: always the perfect fit and spot on protrayal of character. Thumbs up on the wig upgrade!
5. Bella: MUCH improvement. I'd say by 75%. Less twitchy(her godgiventalent by all intended purposes) and neuroticmess.
6. Team Eddie or Jake?: thing is so whack to even type. But i have to admit that her chemistry with Taylor>Robbert.
7. Classmates: hilarious as always and i demand MORE.
8. Adaptation: Was on point. Chris Weitz did an amazing job from pushing scenes to be written back into the screenplay to keeping the movie as true to the book as 2 hours and 16 minutes can allow!

The Cons:
1. CGI: seemed a little outdated. That can totally be faulted to the budget struggle.
2. Classmates: refer to #7 above.
3. 3/5 of the Wolfpack: wat is the point of airbrushing abmusculature on a pouch brought to you by neglect to get in shape in time for the MOVIE with a side of lard & beer? Ok mayyybe I'm exaggerating since the time between casting and movie was fairly short. But seriously, were all the hawt hoez asking for too much cash money while casting? Slap-a-bitch was not invented w/o purpose. If you casting folks are confused on what that is, GOOGLE IT. I'm sure you'll find tutorials on YouTube. And I do say 3/5 WOLFPACK wit the exception of that Alex Meraz guy. He's always been in niiice shape. (advise to 3/5 of wolfpack) psst, cut back on the Tim Horton's.
4. Jacob: forgot to wear a shirt A lot, body was steaming under pouring rain...he is underage.
5. Comedy: i laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Only that scenes weren't supposed to be funny? Dangit Edward, u give me the tickles when u run and sparkle. Don't worry, u'll always be my #1 sparklepire muah!

Ahh, lookie here...more pros than cons. Tinis, custom apparel and sneaking of booze into The Twilight Saga: New Moon on 11/19-20 2:30amish with the Nerd Herd = a damn good memorabletimebitchez!

EDIT: Okay i break promises. I can' keep things any lighter than Kanye's ego on his personal blog WHICH IS THE BEST OF ALL TIME, ALLL TIIIME!

EDIT: Kanye snatched my keyboard, ergo the caps lock episode...see above...ok yeah lame >.<

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