Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Late extended...

Sooo i can continue living with this guilt that after the last post's EDITs i missed the moviesmost anticipated bunch of leeches. And i think i hav come down to the conclusion that aside from Michael Sheen, only 2 other blood bag hunters made a an impression. So ive dedicated this post to The Volturi alone.

Demetri and Alice
The Pros:
1. Aro: Michael Sheen played the don datta. Enough said.
2. Demitri: perfect hair, perfect face, parfect acting, perfectly sassy, DEMITRI PERFECTION!
3. Felix: co-stole every scene with Demitri. I pictured that guy from X-Men as Felix during my long obsession with TTS. And waddayaknow, Felix IS that guy from X-Men!
4. Jane: makeup artist and costume designer did a fabulous job. (they shoulda helped eddie out a lil more)
5. Marcus: frail and bored as expected.
6. Caius: eh, was as intimidating as expected.
7. Alec: did his best, and had a really kewl jacket! Also nice hair, but no where near as precious as Demitri.
8. Heidi: worked the awesome dress liek she was back on the catwalk for the 3.2 seconds she owned.

The Cons:
1. Aro: tidy do gave him a bad case of the box heads.
2. Demitri: we can't handle this level of perfection for more than the movie allowed. He is a tasty spoonful of vanilla pudding.
3. Felix: his naturally spiky do was perfect, however, stylist musta decided a $2 Kent Clark wig released his superman. Dude is 6'7 jacked! He doesn't need help tsk tsk tsk. On second thought, they probably didn't want him to outshine 'birthing hips' opening the whoopass can on him. **see PHAT EDIT **
4. Jane: tsk tsk tsk. Dakota, please read the book honey. As much as i like you, i have to say that the childlike behaviour of Jane does not include STANK FACE! IF this was how it is written in your script, i demand you go back and look up STANK FACE! I bet it isn't on there. But you were really purdy...
5. Marcus: refer #5 on prev. list.
6. Caius: for as much touring they did with this hoe, he served his charcater irrelevancy. And WTF died on his head? Or maybe a soggy bowl of Chicken Ramen fell on his dome. Probably the same disaster that victimized Rosalie.
7. Alec: refer to #6 above.
8. Heidi: she owned 3.2 seconds.

I love this pple, i reallly do. But the true stars of the cast were not fairly included in all the tours and dutiful mag spreads/promotions. And i demand this gets corrected at once! Cameron Bright (Alec), Dakota Fanning (Jane) and Jamie Campbell-Bower (Caius) were out and about promoting TTS:NM. So their performances were highly anticipated and sadly came to be shadowed by the GLORIOUS Daniel Cudmore (Felix) and Charley Bewley (Demitri)!!!

Eww this jackass did it to himself. I do not approve


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