Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keeping up with Taylors is hard

But I have brought you another reason to like Taylors. And really, this is my only reason to like Taylors. Actually, this is the HBIC of Taylors. The Don Dadda messiah himself of the Taylors. There isn't a better Taylor alive! And I am not counting our lady of Britain Elizabeth. She is disqualified and in a league of her own Taylors. I'm talking about the second (but not unnoticed/uncredited) hottie from that $2 mess movie "The Covenant" Taylor Kitsch. I'll praise his light again..TAYLOR effinKITSCH!!!

Dewd perspires perfect hawtness. And I mean the attractive kind. I can smell his dark spices from this side of the monitor. Picturing his indulgence while reading Lover Enshrined makes me wanna unload a sig between Cormia's eye balls...true, feel me? Eh, I take that back. Both Phury and that lame chosen are beyond boring prudes. But i guess i'll just have to take one for the team and concentrate how to corrupt this sexy square. HEY now, there may not be an I in team but there is a M and an E!!! Same applies to "MINE" and doncha fuhrgeit!. Srsly girls, I don't mind. Just let me at him solo. I prrromise to give him back when im bored okay! Oh ya, and naturally, he was an Abercrombie model...of course he was. And the only thing better than boys in books is shirtless hawtness so enjoy!


  1. u know i think he might good acheron too how tall is he

  2. He would make a great"Hollywood"