Friday, January 2, 2009


HEY HEY HEY!!! Wow it's been a while. With all the relatives and festivities, i was too good and not to be bothered with such things like posting...I KIDD I KIDD. Don't get your chonies in a fat bunch.

Anyholiday, without firther neglection...I would like to post my tops for 2009!

2009 Kick OFF Track - Prodigy "Smack my Bitch Up"; heard this and brought on all kinds of fun memories. Yupp i so danced my happy butt off. I was in a pun intended.

Colors: WARM colors are this year's trend. Stick with oranges, peaches and pinks. (I will rock my gray, black and white til snow stops but i have a cute bright scarf ;-D)

Music: Despite my year kick off super duper song, this year my ipod will be full of calm tunes. PEACE LOVE AND HARMONY!!!

Concerts: My goal is to hit up every concert that i want to attend regardless of the date!

Me: I would like, or rather my year resolution is to take better care of myself and my surroundings. Too many things apply so the first sentence sums it up.

Overall: 2009 is the year for chillaxing. Everything is simplicity and serenity. Good thing because i will be putting my new acquired gutar to fully fufill this. Ill be playing songs of love while i so so love my neighbor!!! LOVE THY NEIGHBOR BITCHEZ!

Happy 2009 to you all!

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