Thursday, January 15, 2009

HAWT Piece Alert

AI totally delivered. The creamier Castro brother Michael. Some dirty mouthed twat spilled the beans and rumor has it that Mikey here was let go in week 2 of hollywood tryouts, and that he sucked.
Michael totally strikes me as the guitly pleasure douchebag. You know, the one you secretly dream about havng a onenighter with? Argh, i'd totally back out. He is the type i roll my eyes on in person had i the chance to meet. Something tells me Mikey does not like to cuddle after sexy times.
Thus, if he'd tried to approach me, intoxicated or not, i'll play the "i gotta man" card. He'll say "watcha man gotta do wit it?", and you see where im going with this...and then i go home and dream abotu his hawtness. (insert loser smiley here). Besides, i cant stand a guy who thinks he looks better than me. May the hairdressing gods bless you thru your existence Michael.

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