Monday, September 14, 2009

'Guess I'll See You Next Season =(

Sadly, its has come to this. The 2nd season of True Blood has come to an end leaving me hallow, depressed...and with a shiet load of bones to PICK!!! But i'll keep this light and intending a short one. *clears throat* Why in horrid Godric suicide hell didn't my Eric star in the last episode? That is why it sucked so much 'LadyCaca' shit. Not enough ERIC NORTHMAN...(Lafayette voice) "Worhsip him BITCHEZZZ"!!! Shut it cus that is as nice as i'll get. This is not the end. I am ready to take the road and march up with my mob armed with pitchforks have a silent protest in the name of Alexander SkarsgÄrd right up to Alan donkeyBall's doorstep. Eww that jerk...

Surely i'll find something to watch 'til then. That detective series looks promising, eh, watev. No use is being + right now. In light of homegirl Amy Winehouse's BDay (yeah, she made it another year today), i'm off to sing and dwell to "My Tears Dry One Their Own". I'll miss u Eric, this one is for youuuuuuuuu. Muah, T-T

This post needed some Godric and Eric...

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  1. Hahahahaah "worship him BITCHES!!!" YES! and while your at it "would you like some AIDS with your burger?"