Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There is Something Terribly Wrong...

...with this picture. Can you find what's wrong with it? Looook to the left. If you see the guy with a green parka and hood up, you went to far. Anything yet? How about that amazing manly body of moutains worn by an underager! I call shananigans!!! SHANANIGANS!!! It is simply not right to display all that painted sensuality on an innocent canvas. That is serious bait, NO FAIR. The 'To Catch a Preditor' pple are going to have a hell of a field day with this one. my face is too focused on that waist line for my own good I can't look, i just CAN'T. The pedo cougar animalistics in me would have to be surpressed...with some of the really strong stuff...overly dirty...the filthiest you can get...with extra olives...shaken...not stirred...please.

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