Monday, September 21, 2009

Whack Ass Females

First and foremost, don't get your panties in a hott bunch over the title. I meant it to be comical. The truth is that lately more than ever, i've realized that both men and women hold little value to our X chromazone. The question is, does it come down to life experiences or how we were brought up? Social Society or propaganda? Do we do this to ourselves? Do we personally think so little of ourselves? Just to confirm, this is not directed at anyone in particular, including my boyfriend...As i write this, i am fighting the lump in my throat and my face hot with frustration. This just proves how hard it is to be a female. To find the right words, to convey how i feel, to open up or hide it.

Intuition is really a CURSE...Our perceptive level is not not too far off from a man's. However, we let our emotions void our common sense. We see past the body language, past the talks, past the actions. Ous eyes are wide open to the scene yet, we crave confirmation, long to hear it from the horse's mouth. Why is it that we want this? To like to hurt this much? AND FOR WHAT? If this is how we deal with ourselves, is it really fair to blame the other party, to think of them as cowards? Why can't we let things be and move on? If you think he is really not that into, chances are HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU and you need to stop making excuses or giving benefit of the doubt. Closure is overrated and life is too short to waste on an already wasted emotion. Sometimes i think my heart is too small for my brain. This is exhausting.

Our bodies are beautiful, yet degraded so fast. SO much responsibility, and by default at that. To keep men 'happy', we are expected to go thru desplicable measures. This goes back even during the tudor era. When women learned whore tricks to have sex...AFTER childbirth! To hide their imperfections and to stop the bleeding at all cost to give them selves up to their husbands. Really? We bare your last name, and we may give you a son that will too carry it. Is our life worth so little? Even as equal bread winners, we are to still maintain the household and family.

The fact that most men take the backseat is disgusting. There are ways to keep things 'equal'. Example; birth control. Why do we risk our health with b/c meds? Shouldn't there be something for men as well? Birth control makes me sick, so u better wrap your shit up. Plain and simple. No glove no love. Don't want the clots and morning sickness. Why can we just do things the safest way? Why aren't there more guys that step up? Well to those guys that say it makes them limp, i say, YOU AREN'T GOING TO DIE FROM A HARD ON! And to the cowards that rather have their wives go thru the 'tying the tubes' procesure rather than a vasectomy? I say, YOU WIFE ISN'T GOING TO DO YOUR KIDS ANY GOOD IF SHE IS DEAD! In the words of my boyfriend, if it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!

This is ultimately our status quo. Only happens if we allow it of course, and continue to live it. This whole rant probably had no personal purpose, or rather it is the reason I am unmarried with no children, hahaha. There are enough starving children in the world anyway. IDK what this will accomplish. Please do not think i am a man hater, cus im far from it. I love the peen. But it is more important to have someone that values my life and puts in as much effort as i do. I see so many women that i thought at one point to be strong, get degraded and stand by it.

Becoming a wife, mother, lover, divorcee, ex, bread winner, what have you, does not mean you should think of yourself any less. Be proud of what you are and hold yourself responsible if it does not make you happy. Easier said that done of course. I hope i didn't scare anyone, I love the Y chromazone. Please prove to me that chilvaryis not altogether dead!!!

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