Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Be Thankful not HATEFUL!!!

No shit sherlock, of course I'm thanksful for God, family and friends. But I'm going to list the othe thingies i give thanks for. My Top 10 for you bitchez, in case ya'll question!

10. Sweet Breath peppermint drops - i suck on them, they are so so tasty.
09. Snow - ok not fully thankful. Buttt, "no snowboarding".
08. Forever21 - cutest & cheapest sweaters evarrr.
07. My Potato Salad - It's a hit, always a request. No cooking brainstorming!!
06. Twilight Soundtrack - fuel for my obsession, OME.
05.5 Extra Dirty Goose - serious business when i list this.
05. Wine - covers all kinds of moods.
04. Black Clothes - so sharp, so easy, leaves the bestest impression IMHO.
03. Scarves - truly glorious. my favorite accessory.
02. Edward Cullen - woahmance gawd. Coulda list Twilight Saga, but its' all about Edward!
01. ME BETCH!!! -i am thankful for being so diff. and yet relate-able. i so so awesome.

Have the happiest thanksgiving!!! And don't be one of those ASSHOLES that pass on dessert or seconds. Its the fucking holiday! Stuff your pie hole, momma said don't be stuck up!

Ewww, this soooo remids me of the time i used to read YM mag. Thats back when i was tween. On one of their holiday issues, they advised girls to "kindly" pass on certain sides and to "sneak" out and jog around the neighborhood. Go for a fucking JOG?!?, in the middle of fucking dinner?!? So silly, i woulda just told a bitch to kindly ask for seconds and sneak out to barf. Why couldnt they be honest. Hmm, maybe the kindly and the jogging was just code talk for eat and hurl. Grossness, blasphemy, that kinda talk makes me wanna slap a bitch. Why take food for granted? TSK TSK TSK. I will kindly take seconds and nap. But thats just me ^_^.

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