Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twi-Harding @ its' Bestest!

Ok betchez, it's time for effin Twilight Mania. My nerves have officially started the countdown...

Anycrazy, my besties and I will be having dirtys before the opening show. More than ever will I be paying extra attention to my intake. OME, I will be super dissapointed if i pass out before the 2 hours are up. tsk tsk. OME!!! All these jitters are unacceptable. My heart is so so crumbling in the hands of this woahmantic tale of this doomed twat. I will leave you wit a shot of my most anticipated scene. And it's shocking how good Rob looks with his eyes closed...Gosh, make up and hair stylists are miracles for low maintance and untidy hair actors. Ahh, its so magical...err no pun intended.

1 comment:

  1. Edward, you make me believe that there really is such thing as a knight in shining armor (or shining skin), regardless its all very dazzling!