Friday, November 21, 2008


Ahhh, the morning after...I left my FM transmitter in the teggy, which is now hibernating, so i now commute in the winter car wit NOTHING to listen to. Me hates the radio.

Anysidetracking, regardless of my POV on the movie adaptation, i still have the Twilight jitters. So in pop my headphones to listen to the second 1/2 of the Eclipse audiobook as i drive my TwiTwatter self to work thru what it seemed like a snow storm. It was chillaxing...Oooookay, back to Edward! Regardless of wat critics and the tweens say, the movie is alllllll about Edward. If you keep this in mind, the movie ticket would seem a smart investment.

The Pros:
  1. Edward: um enough said...
  2. Comedy: suprisingly funny. If you read the book, you will laugh harder in these comedic moments. If you had not, it still hysterics.
  3. Lots of eye candy: reffer to # 1
  4. GREAT Music: played well in the key moments. I was pleased.
  5. Alice: she is perfect!
  6. Acting: w/one exception, all did a great job. RPattz exceeded expecations outshining his co-star (that was expected ^_^).
  7. Kissing Scene: took me by surpise...SOOO LEFT FIELD. Ended strongly, be warned!

The Cons:

  1. Woahmance Factor: not as strong as the book.
  2. Bella: not impressed/moved by her performance.
  3. Emmett: was hilarious! But not enough of him T_T
  4. Where did that chapter go?: key points of the book that make this story were altogether gone! Gone gone gone!!! UNACCEPTABLE!
  5. Edward: he isn't real, sadness. There is no one real that is like him. *sigh*, wat does a girl hav to do/give up to derserve/have a man like that?!?
  6. Kissing Scene: didn't happen like it should have. Reffer to #2.

With all that said, id still hit the theatre again! It was kewl to stay up late on a work night. Eh, its TGIF. I have the weekend to rest. Pple were waiting in the theatre since 6pmyesterday afternoon. Um yeah, im not that dedicated. Seeing all the Twilighters was fun tho. AND THANK THE HEAVENS no one got up to go peepee times during the movie. That woulda irked. 'Tis all, BBL!

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